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About Me

I am a passionate writer, author, editor, community radio host, events manager, and social worker. I have more than five years progressive experience in social work, travel tourism /leisure, and events management.

I love bringing people together to celebrate life and share experiences. I am a networker, a social animal and a lover of people from all backgrounds. My work has been recognized by several organisations and communities where I have received awards for community service.

I love to inspire young people and everyone who crosses my path as I believe the world would be a better place if only each one of us contributes our small part.

My first novel, "Love Comes to Munich" is now available on Amazon.

A fiction story that brings together two passionate souls from different cultures but united by love. The book is set in a famous football capital in Brazil but will move into Munich the biggest city in Bavaria where one of the main protagonists come from.

This sizzling love tale is a must read.

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