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World Children Poetry Day 2016.


On October 1st Children in Munich joined the annual celebration of World Children Poetry Day. The event which was organised by Diana Mac Omolo events through the guidance of the WOChiPoDa founder Gloria Gonsalves was themed “Free Your Creativity!”. The little ones who eagerly participated in the activities of the day showed off their creativity and love for the arts through individual poems, language exchange, painting and music. Each child was opportune to present a message, praise or song for their parent or guardian or just present a poem they wrote themselves or brought with them.
“Poems are fun,” said 8 year old Sharifa Aschoff laughing after here presentation.
Laticia Kolbow, 8 years, expressed her love for poetry in German “Gedichte sind toll, “ she said.
” Gedichte macht Kinder kreativ,” said Lavinia jolie Rath, 10 years.
For Tumaini Triebel, 8 years, poems are more than just fun “Gedichte sind interessant,” Poems are interesting he said.
The event was both creative and fun for the children as well as the parents who participated throughout by also joining in the recitations, singing and drumming.
“I would love to take part in this event every year because even as a parent I enjoyed myself very much,” said Halima Triebel a parent and one of the organisers. Thanks to the parents and organisers who gave their time and energy to make the event a success especially Clare Ashiruka and Sarah Kim. Our greatest thanks go to the little ones who are our greatest assets to have made the event turn out so successful.
World Children’s Poetry Day (WoChiPoDa) is a day founded by the beloved book author Gloria Gonsalves, aka auntie Glo and the day is dedicated to children’s poetry. It is celebrated on the first Saturday of October. On this day children will learn to experience poetry in fun way. Children will recite poems written all by themselves. Listeners can be family, friends, schoolmates, teachers or anyone else.

Story: Diana Mac Omolo, Author of “Love comes to Munich”
Photos: Sarah Bomkapre Kamara,Chief Editor  Sonne Magazine.


Playing football, working together as a team and sharing the joy of winning as a team.



Playing football, working together as a team and sharing the joy of winning as a team.



Jerome and his family have just moved to their new  home in Munich. The whole family is so excited about their new home. The children are excited about their new school too.

However, Jerome and his sister find it difficult to make new friends  around their new home. It is challenging and the parents are worried.

The annual Greenfields  Football Tournament takes place and by a slight chance, Jerome is able to play for his class. The whole school is surprised on how tactful Jerome can play. The Tournament is  graced by Jerome as he leads his Class to win the final match. It is a beautiful and exciting an exciting Day in Greenfields Primary School. Everyone wants to be Jerome’s friend after the match.


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Author Diana Mac Omolo.