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Zanzibar is steeped in exotic history and an ideal location to soak up the sun and laze on the beach. Zanzibar’s stone town  is legendary- with numerous old palaces,narrow winding streets,and colourful fruit  and spice markets. STONE TOWN was issued World Heritage Site status in 2000.

Zanzibar has become synonymous with beautiful white sand beaches and stunning coral reefs in crystal clear waters. The archipelago consists of two larger islands – Unguja and Pemba. Where Unguja is famous for its beaches, its resorts, and historic Stone Town; Pemba is sometimes known as ‘The Green Island’ and is known for its spice production.

Many people come to Tanzania for their dream safari experience, but this idyllic archipelago offers an equally valuable opportunity for you to take a few days to unwind in Tanzania’s very own slice of paradise.

Zanzibar offers you the ultimate beach and leisure experience. For those who love the sun, sand, and surf – Zanzibar is a perfect escape

At night, Stone Town has the charm of Arabian nights, and the Foradhani Gardens,with a waterfront and cool breeze,is the heart and soul  of the city and social life.


Zanzibar Activities;

Sun,sand, and surfing.

Wedding and honeymoon events.

Deep sea fishing

cultural and traditional adventures.